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Is Dappled Willow the RIGHT Choice in your Landscape

The willow that gives personality to the landscape 3 out of the 4 seasons in my Midwest may not be the right choice for all landscapes.  I first noticed the dappled willow or  ‘Hakuro-nishiki’  a few years ago on a residential property on the way into town.  The quick growing shrub was beautiful and appeared to dance in the wind on the property surrounded by flat farm fields.    The shrub quickly…

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Ahhhh… Nothing beats a good head scratch #catlover

Soft #sunset tonight over the bean field #ohio (at Interstate 75)

Red carpet rose growing with the blue ground cover … White iceberg rose on the trellis behind ; see the theme? #gardenchat

Ground cover … Forgot the name but @houseplantguru or @handyhelen may know! #gardenchat #blue