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Happy Tuesday from my garden #gardenchat

My autumn is starting to bloom in the garden #gardenchat

Some of my roses are darting up… Thoughts on why quick growth in drought? @teresabyington @reddirtramblings @gagasgarden #roses

Michigan garden tour 2014

Highlight of Summer is touring gardens with fellow designers : this is from the Michigan Nursery Landscape Association Tour 

One of the highlights of my spring and summer is touring different gardens in the Midwest.  Some of the most memorable garden tours I’ve taken in the past 6 years have been in groups where you can experience the garden with fellow gardeners and interact with what they have to say about plants and designs that are being visited.  However, if you have ever been on a garden tour with a group you know that time schedules makes it impossible to be able to ask many questions or even find out what a plant maybe.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to scan a plant  you are interested in with a mobile device at the garden you are touring and have everything about the garden at your finger tips?  Today I want to share with you a really cool website that not only takes garden tours to a whole new level it is a great way to learn how to grow success in your garden.

The website is and it was created by Bill and Tracey Blevins. The service is FREE :  It’s a location on the web to showcase your plants & gardens with your photos, plant descriptions, reference & video links and easily share the stories about your gardening and plants with others. Plants Map lets you write the biography of your garden.  I want to encourage you to check out there website to find our more about their creators and designers behind the site at : /about   You can also follow @plantsmap on Twitter and ask any questions you may have.

The Ultimate Plant Tour in My Home Garden

I started adding one of my gardens that is most ‘toured’ on my property when first introduced to Plants Map.    This is the landscape outside my front mud room door where everyone normally enters my home.   Unfortunately I was introduced to PlantsMap during the MAJOR growing season here in my garden so I haven’t been able to do to much to my profile.  Now that the growing season is coming to an end outdoors I’m able to continue adding gardens and actually learn more about what it is I have planted.   Here is the link to my South Mud Room /Water Feature Gardenon Plants Map .   Once you add your plants, shrubs and trees to the website you can order interactive tags that will totally BLOW YOUR MIND!

Here’s How The Tags Work

Why Plants Map Tags?

We are gardeners and plant collectors ourselves and have talked to many others that agree with us that nothing has evolved in the plant identification tag space to make producing or acquiring long lasting, attractive, interactive tags easy and economical. We feel Plants Map Tags are the solution to these issues. – from 

More information about how the tag works at :

I invite you to check out and connect with me at  BGgarden / Bren Haas .  I’m looking forward to sharing more of my garden as the garden rest for the winter so be sure to check  back later for more images.

Interactive Tagging Connect People With Plants : @PlantsMap Highlight of Summer is touring gardens with fellow designers : this is from the Michigan Nursery Landscape Association Tour 

Breakfast at Kermit’s ; can’t wait till next Friday @blackswampfest #BG #OHIO #arts #local (at Kermit’s Family Restaurant)